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Don't know what to think about it, but I wouldn't spend a dime after doing a quick checkout.

"Does anyone has experience with ?

The entity of the company is a British Ltd. without any year reports at the Chamber of Commerce.

I saw that there are several clients described, but it looks fishy to me.

Also there are 2 buttons.

Both are leading directly to Paypal for a payment of 3000 euros or a donation.

Does anybody know to wich kind of charity the donations are going? Unicef?"

Monetary Loss: $3000.

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Dear Audience and PissedConsumer Admin,

Seriously - I don't remember why I posted such a review. Her company has been on the market since years and I only heard positive things. I have to admit - I was not completely myself when I wrote the above.

Please IGNORE the bad review: Angelika Lancsak Matchmaking is certainly a decent service.



If I was a gentleman, I would not go for it (no matter how much money I would have have and nothing to spend them on).Everyone can set up a website, write a nice story and place a photo of themselves.

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she is a scrammer

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